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Diva Turns 25!

Hey Gleeks!

Another one of our fellow classmates has gotten one year older…

On this day our Drop Dead Gorgeous Diva Amber Patrice Reily was born!

Today our girl turns 25.

She was Born on this day in 1986 in Los Angeles California. She Auditioned for American Idol in its second season but was turned down by its producers!

Clearly they didnt know what they were doing because she is a star.

Known for her attitude and her big voice Mercedes Jones has been an awesome member of New Directions and hopefully continue to be a part of the show.

Also rumor has it that Amber is working on her first studio album! so be on the watch for that!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER! Hope you have an awesome 25th! and keep belting out the big notes!


The Warbler Turns 25!

Hey Gleeks!

Our favorite Warbler turns 25 today! That’s right it’s Darren Criss’s birthday today!

Fun Facts:

1) Before Glee Darren actually co-wrote and starred in his own musical called A Very Potter Musical

2)Darren recently made his Broadway debut in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

3) His Full name is Darren Everett Criss

4) Unlike his Co-star Christopher Colfer he is not gay



And to Celebrate here’s one of the best Darren Criss moment of season 3!

It’s Not Unusual-Glee


It’s Our resident Dad’s Birthday!!!

On this day out favorite Glee Dad turns 42!

He has been promoted to a series Regular and has been a great addition to the cast of Glee. Playing the somewhat awkward father of Kurt Hummel, Step father to Finn Hudson and husband of Carol Hudson.

His Story was explained in greater detail in Season 2 episode 3 “Grilled Cheesus” when he suffers from a heart attack and is in a coma for several days. He is a loving father not only to his son Kurt but also to his stepson Finn and is often a pillar of support for the both of them.

We can only hope that the Creators of the show will show us more of this amazing character as he has become one of my favorite Characters.


We Wish Him a HAPPY 42 BIRTHDAY!


It’s Miss Pillsbury’s Birthday!

Its our favorite OCD School councelors Birthday! Today Jayma Suzette Mays turns 32.

Here are some facts about Miss Mays that you may not have known.

  • Before Glee she has played the love interest of Masi Oka in 2 different roles: As Charlie in Heroes and as Nina in Get Smarts Bruce and Lloyds: Out Of Control.
  • She has been in 2 TV shows where she has the Same name: Charlie. Ugly Betty and Heroes.



Our Favorite Cheerio’s Coach Turns 41!

Yes Yes Boys and Girls you heard right! It’s Jane Lynch’s Birthday today!

From the beginning she has entertained us with her quick witted humor, her razor sharp wit and not forgetting her constant dislike for Mr. Shue’s hair.

But today our gal turns 41 and with age comes wisdom. What is instore for Sue Sylvester in season 3? Well has given us some insight into what is going on.

1) The winner of Oxygen’s The Glee Project will show up in the season 3 premiere, and their primary storyline will be as Sue Sylvester’s rival, a character she hates more than the glee club.

2) Sue is also getting a big, 20-episode story arc, one that most likely relates to her running for Congress (which is actually happening). She’ll move from targeting the glee club to targeting President Obama, and she’ll also be getting a love interest. There are no details, but combined with the news about the winner of The Glee Project, my theory is that her new rival could be the son or daughter of Sue’s new boyfriend, and that the kid (who will, of course, be a McKinley High student) isn’t so happy about having Sue as a potential new mommy.

So that’s a wrap for now!

Stay tuned folks because we have another birthday next week and i shall be posting about it. Who is it? Well you’ll just have to wait and see.


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